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Washday Blues


1940’s Weekend on the East Lancashire Railway. This year has been a bit rainy but found this Lancashire Lass ready for washday. Washday in most of Lancashire was always on Monday but this lass had her dolly blue ready for the wash.

The ELR is always a good spot for photography not only can you photograph train and steam photography but they also hold special events suitable for all the family. This photograph was taken at Ramsbottom Railway Station.


Bury Santa Special Steamtrain

burysantaspeciallastsml.lr43w1jqea8c4ccgckkwosks.6ylu316ao144c8c4woosog48w.thRamsbottom Station on the East Lancashire Railway, this was the last “Santa Special” of  the day, weather was cold and chilly just as it should be when Santa was visiting!!

I am a big fan of the East Lancashire Railway and all it’s volunteers, can see the joy spreading out from young to old – Can you help?

I was really pleased to be able to photograph the  “Santa Special” getting into the photography hobby certainly makes you aware so much of the passing of the seasons.

Merry Christmas




Ramsbottom’s Station Garage


Ramsbottom is one of the many stops on the East Lancashire Railway, anyone visiting Ramsbottom will have not missed “Station Garage” a family business of the Dawson for 40 years right next to the Railway pub.

This photograph was taken over a long exposure that captured the sun setting and a moon rise that I removed. I love in winter how the early evening creates a dramatic backdrop of trades and workers finishing the last hours of work.

No Trains at Ramsbottom


Ramsbottom is one of the many pretty villages that you pass as the steam train trails up the Rossendale Valley. Over the winter months the East Lancashire Railway restricts the steam trains to only running over the weekends, so today being midweek it was quite safe to photograph the rail tracks as there were no trains!

This photograph was taken using a long exposure on a tripod to prevent any blurring, complete with wooly hat and gloves to stay warm.