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Last Glimpse, before I turned out the light


Reflecting back on the North of England’s Cotton production. One of the last jobs for this mill was as a suit manufacturer in the 1970’s through until the 1980’s when all production stopped…!

When you see photographs of Cotton Manufacturing in the North of England you either see historic images of how things were or the contrast of urban dereliction on one of the Urbexing websites with dust forming on Britain’s forgotten and lost History.  This is the closest I could get  to how life may have looked for that particular cloth manufacturer who had hung up this personal mirror maybe to check how there hair looks or may they checked the view over there shoulder?


Bangor Pier





Bangor Pier or Garth Pier was designed by J. Webster to be constructed of a wooden deck on cast iron columns and was opened on 14th May 1896.

The pier was the place to visit, steamers from Liverpool, Blackpool and Douglas transported tourists to marvel this new 470ft pier.

In 1971 the pier was closed due its decline and at one point looked to be demolished but was rescued. restored and re-opened to the public in 1988.

Bangor pier is regarded to be one the finest of the three remaining grade II listed piers in the Britain.