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Manchester Cathedral at Christmas


A quiet spot just away from the Christmas shoppers of Manchester to Photograph Manchester Cathedral in all it’s glory and maybe the most important time of year. Whilst you are busy shopping for Christmas festivities I hope that you may find time to find your own quiet corner and give thanks for all our blessings.

Brick Footpath





Autumn flowering Heathers line this old footpath that has been created out of recycled Burnley Bricks. The pathway is one of many in the Walmersley area .  This is a favorite view of Bury that I like to keep re-visiting taking photographs to see the seasons come and go.



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Beyond Golden Fields



The last of the days sun licks across the landscape turning the grasses to gold, even the puddles don’t escape.  The fleeting weak sun reaches inside the puddles to reflect the sky and then it is all gone.  The oncoming darkness pulls in the cold air and the shadows… I am done for the day.

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