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Photographs from the Historical Mill Towns of Halifax, Bradford and Leeds in West Yorkshire. The towns are full of Industrial scenes and architecture and make a great day with a camera.

Waiting for the Stars…

Winter is a great time for star watching, braved the cold complete with woolly  hat and gloves and camera waiting for the last light of sunset to fade waiting for the stars to come…..

Astrophotography for those living in Manchester/Lancashire/West Yorkshire is only for the determined…..I will alway be at the admire zone (fine by me)

If you are determined then you are not alone…..I would like you to visit  David Ratledge’s website I was lucky enough to be able to see a lecture by David and I was amazed at his skill and his humour

Last Glimpse, before I turned out the light

Reflecting back on the North of England’s Cotton production. One of the last jobs for this mill was as a suit manufacturer in the 1970’s through until the 1980’s when all production stopped…!

When you see photographs of Cotton Manufacturing in the North of England you either see historic images of how things were or the contrast of urban dereliction on one of the Urbexing websites with dust forming on Britain’s forgotten and lost History.  This is the closest I could get  to how life may have looked for that particular cloth manufacturer who had hung up this personal mirror maybe to check how there hair looks or may they checked the view over there shoulder?


Oil Reserves

oilreserves.34jvjm4l6io0k0cws8wgcc8og.6ylu316ao144c8c4woosog48w.thWe visited a local collection of old steam engines and was pretty impressed how well they were being so well looked after. This one caught by eye, each glass cylinder held oil that seemed to be lubricating the different moving parts of the engine, I thought it would make a great colour pop!

This photograph is a blend of a colour version and a Black and White photograph that I have allowed some of the colour to show through using photoshop layer masks.

If anyone knows anymore about this steam engine would love to be better educated on what it all does.