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Winter is the time to photograph snow and ice Landscapes and early morning mists. The tree’s at this time of yeas look stunning simple shapes in the Landscape.waiting for spring and warmer weather to come. Almost all my snow photographs have been taken close to my home in Bury Lancashire.

Waiting for the Stars…

Winter is a great time for star watching, braved the cold complete with woolly  hat and gloves and camera waiting for the last light of sunset to fade waiting for the stars to come…..

Astrophotography for those living in Manchester/Lancashire/West Yorkshire is only for the determined…..I will alway be at the admire zone (fine by me)

If you are determined then you are not alone…..I would like you to visit  David Ratledge’s website I was lucky enough to be able to see a lecture by David and I was amazed at his skill and his humour