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Photographs of water reflections through Lakes, Rivers, Canals and Puddles.

Salford Quay’s Cranes

Goodbye Historic Salford Quay’s Cranes

Said my goodbyes today to the Salford Quay Cranes, these familiar Salford landmarks are to be pulled down this weekend. How sad is it when so much money is being spent on this area that the last historic beacons that touched the lives of so many local people are no longer wanted ?

Salford Quays Panorama




Originally the home of the Manchester Docks this area has changed dramatically through Urban Regeneration since its closure in 1982. The area is now home to the Imperial War Museum, The Lowry Art Gallery and the new MediaCity all easily accessed by Manchester’s Metrolink.

This is an early evening photograph capturing the BBC Buildings and the Lowry all enhanced by the beautiful colours of the Neon.

The Big Puddle


Affetside is a small village on the outskirts of Bury and is situated on the old Roman Road that connected Manchester to Ribchester in Lancashire. In the village you can find the Roman Affetside Cross that is believed to have been a moorland marker for pilgrims travelling to Whalley Abbey.

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Beyond Golden Fields



The last of the days sun licks across the landscape turning the grasses to gold, even the puddles don’t escape.  The fleeting weak sun reaches inside the puddles to reflect the sky and then it is all gone.  The oncoming darkness pulls in the cold air and the shadows… I am done for the day.

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Tree of Life


Edenwood Mill an old derelict and abandoned Mill in Ramsbottom, one of many built in the Rossendale valley for weaving, bleaching and printing of cloth.

I was struck by its contrasts, inside dark and gloomy the glass in the windows long gone but nature is not so far away. Through the open window the morning sun shone through the soft light revealing the details of the mill that had been lingering in the shadows.

Edenwood Mill also know as Rose Mill was first constructed in 1801 for weaving, Printing and Bleaching but has been empty since 2001

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After weeks of rain the sun made a welcome entrance and for a few minutes it uplifted my soul, maybe spring was not so far away after all…Photograph taken of a church reflected in the flooded fields of the Fylde in Lancashire.

Please note: Image is a non standard size printed on normal aspect paper, with fill-in of black.

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